Friday, September 25, 2009

A Whole New Country, A Whole New Commitment To Blogging

Okay, I have been BAD about this. But that's about to change... In my first 48 hours in Greece I have managed to obtain a loving over-the-top-I-want-to-mama-you-landlady, have a taxi driver become "my" driver, and make a fruit tart explode in the middle of a group of my new colleagues and a very important person. I guess I'm not in Germany anymore.

So, I'm still trying to finalize where I am going to live... I've been assigned a gorgeous pimp my life apartment, but it is in the suburbs up a very long hill from the closest metro. So, I am going to a colleague's place in the city Monday to see about trading. It won't be three bedrooms with a gorgeous view of the whole city down to the Port of Pireaus and long windy balconies, but it will be walkable to everywhere. Hmmm...

But I am committing myself to writing more for all 12 of my followers :)

I took a few pics of my first glimpses of the mainland from the airplane. And one of me with a scary huge grin upon my first views. Photogenic does not begin to describe all that I see around me.

I am certain very down the rabbit hole adventures are just around the corner.