Sunday, November 8, 2009

234th Marine Corps Ball

What a lovely night and what a lucky girl I was... A fantastic mix of formality, tradition, and letting loose on the dance floor. The Marine Corps, whose birthday is coincidentally the same day as mine, does know how to throw a good party.

Getting ready was a bit of a challenge as my household effects (aka the majority of everything I own) are being held hostage amidst a port strike, so all of my finery is in crates within eye, but not arm's reach. The dress I ordered will likely arrive tomorrow and the two attempts to go shopping in rainy deluges did not bear much fruit. Although I will say, the Athens mall was a trip, getting to the Athens Mall without a car (oh, yeah, also stuck at port) was much more of a trip! But thanks to a few fairy godmothers, and a developing sense of humor, a dress was borrowed, hair and makeup were done including very Greek "smoky eyes", and much merriment was had. The electric slide was slid. And when my dress arrives, I am all set for 2010.

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